Spinifex Valley is a small team of IT and Online innovators ready to help your business connect to the digital economy.

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We are presently living in a hyperflux of art, creativity and technological innovation. At our fingertips are networks and opportunities that were previously unimaginable.

Based in Alice Springs, Central Australia, Spinifex Valley wants to help people participate effectively in this brave new world.

Spinifex Valley works with clients and partners to:
  • create innovative and interconnected experiences.
  • build systems that are resilient and sustainable.
  • act on opportunities and to lead change.
Spinifex Valley is online and ready to connect you with the edge of the horizon.


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Edan Baxter


Innovation management...

Give your project the green light and make it a reality.


Edan Baxter has been actively involved in the IT/Finance industry since 2001 and can offer project management services and turn-key solutions to start-ups and small/medium businesses.

Edan is presently developing two startups; a science education and data analysis app - and a new e-commerce methodology/enabling framework.

Need an innovative solution? Get in touch with Edan.


Tina Tilhard

Design & Visual Communications

Bring your ideas to life...

An Abobe design-suite specialist who will turn a good idea into a great design.


Tina is Tina is a graphic designer with over 9 years experience.

Tina has delivered some of the Territory's most iconic design projects including Jukarrpa diaries 2012 – 2015.

Need a great designer that can take your creative vision to the next level? Get in touch with Tina.


Evan Muir


Has the eye for great design...

Turn your ideas into designs.. and then into immersive experiences.


Evan has over 11 years experience in the creative industries working across a wide range of disciplines from publication design and branding to website design.

His career has seen him work for a number of agencies including Emu Design, Speedwell Ecommerce and The Australian Centre for Interaction Design. He’s worked with a wealth of local and national clients including Golden Circle, QIC, Footlocker, Tourism Queensland and Nissan.

Evan also has a passion for public art. He enjoys engaging the community to create meaningful and beautiful public spaces. When he’s not painting the town he loves growing and cooking food, making music and exploring in Australia and abroad.

Need a creative concept that inspires? Get in touch with Evan.


Jono Van Hest

Cameraman & AV Producer

Did we mention multimedia?

These days all mediums converge - but the moving image is ever critical.


Jono van Hest has a B.Arts (Film Making) and a decade of industry experience.

Jono has worked closely with documentary production company Rebel Films (of Bush Mechanic's fame) and has managed projects for corporations including DIAC, Telstra, VISI and Penguin Books Australia.

Most recently Jono was DOP on the ICTV-produced community drama series Our Place.


Oliver Eclipse


Photographer extraordinaire!

Why use words here? Check out Olly's portfolio and make up your own mind...


We asked Oliver for a bio and he said "I hold light in complete stillness."

Seriously though, Oliver has something special and is the man for your next photography engagement. Recent clients include: Midnight Oil (Band), Desert Harmony Festival (Event) and Wide Open Space (Event).

Recent awards include: NT Hot Shots Awards 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015

Need a professional photographer? Get in touch with Olly.