Sites & Trails



Sites and Trails is an app and CRM solution to help users have enhanced visitor experiences at participating locations or regions.

You can use the Sites and Trails app in a range of ways:

audio tours (GPS & ibeacon triggered)
flora and fauna surveys.
observational learning challenges.
tests and quizes.
visitor feedback surveys.
citizen science studies.
and much more.

You can setup your locations to:

access audio visual materials.
go on an audio tour.
If you choose to participate at an interactive site, your contribution will be uploaded to a database and you will then be directed to a results page to observe the long term trends and findings. If you do not have a connection to the internet, your results will be stored and uploaded when a connection becomes available.

Sites & Trails is great for:

- Collect information securely using mobile devices (online AND offline).
- Interpret important data trends using an advanced reporting module that supports charts and tables.
- Manage users and restrict who has permission to submit data for a certain area.
- Self-manage your forms with an advanced online form builder.


Smart Council using the latest digital technologies:

- Creating forms that are highly visual.
- Creating forms that make sense for low literacy users.
- Organisations based in remote Australia.

Smart Council form features:

- Incredible flexibility to create a visually friendly layout of your choosing.
- Radio buttons, checkboxes, select boxes, text boxes, text areas.
- Image capture, audio capture, signature capture.
- Date and time capture.
- Location capture.

Smart Council forms are ideal for:

- Site inspections.
- Infrastructure or equipment appraisals.
- Workflow management.
- Invoices.
- Audits.
- Log books.
- Checklists.