For anyone interested in a bit of a stakeholder get together to discuss the NBN and broadband economy related issues and for regional Australia, do check out the Broadband for the Bush Forum that is being held in Alice Springs on the 1st May.

It is potentially interesting timing given the current “policy manourerings” around the NBN rollout (i.e. the NBN is, at its heart, a mechanism for subsidising regional broadband Vs we must all tighten our belts.)

Any for those interested in what’s actually happening at the forum, check out the website here:

Focus topics:

  • Digital Inclusion: Improved infrastructure does not equate to digital inclusion.  Issues of access to ICTs, affordability, digital literacy and awareness limit usage for many people, particularly Indigenous, elderly, disabled and other vulnerable groups. During this stream, we will identify obstacles and possible strategies for ensuring the digital divide does not increase for remote and rural people under NBN
  • Technology and Policy: With the coming of the NBN satellite servicing remote Australia – a huge opportunity exists to draw down maximum value for the bush– what are the technologies, what are the benefits and what are the policies required to ensure the opportunity is not missed
  • Digital Economy: Re-vision your operations to benefit from the new digital economy. What are best practices?  Where do you start? What are the traps?
  • Digital Services: Addressing the impact of reducing face-to-face service delivery out bush and identifying the requirements and benefits of successful transition to online service models in teleHealth, teleEducation and eGovernment”

Is anyone heading along? What did you get out of this event? Do you think the new “2 Satellite Solution” for regional broadband does justice to the vision of the original NBN?