So many big conversations about Australia and healthy living in the Arid Zone have been had at an EcoFair workshop or a lecture!

For mine, the DesertSmart EcoFair has been a incredibly valuable part of the Central Australian festival calendar. How fortunate are we that our town has these types of events that offer close-up, hands-on and engaging opportunities to connect with the big issues of the day OR deal with the immediate challenges of tending to one’s own garden?

From Costa, Dr Karl, The Bike Film Festival, ABC’s Q and A events, Tijuana Cartel, Bernadette McCabe and Waste, The Big Nuke Barrel, Giles Parkinson and the, Bruce Pascoe and Dark Emu… the list just goes on!  Some many incredible people, stories and ideas-discussions in such an amazing part of the country! Someone really should compile the book!

Anyway, WOW, 10 years!

HUGE Congratulations to the organisers, Arid Lands Environment Centre, Olive Pink Botanic Garden, all the volunteers, the speakers and workshop facilitators, the schools and students, the stall-holders and EVERYONE who is part of the EcoFair team!

– Edan

(EcoFair was the first website and logo created by Spinifex Valley. I know that the website is looking a bit dated now – but whatever the future holds for the next 10 years of Ecofair, it has been a privilege to support this amazing event!)