Spinifex Valley developed an enterprise iOS app for a large regional shire according to very precise deliverables and a tight timeframe.

The app helps to manage work priorities, log work completed by staff and provides ongoing monitoring of the status of waste depositories across Central Australia.


  • Native app for iOS.
  • Integration into Amazon cloud storage service.
  • Weekly and monthly report options to suit needs of different end-users.
  • Intuitive design with audio buttons (i.e. designed to assist low-literacy staff.)
  • Fully-functional offline mode.
  • Advanced file upload and queue system.
  • GPS coordinates logged in submission/assessment.
  • Three year quality assurance and ongoing client support commitment.
  • Enterprise distribution management for authorised staff.


  • Very precise timeframe and deliverables.
  • A range of possible app extensions now possible for client.
  • App contributed to winning of an award for excellence in local governance.