WordPress is a fantastic CMS with a massive range of possible applications. It is supported by a fantastic development team and a great community.

Spinifex Valley has implemented WordPress sites for a wide range of clients – each with very different needs and audiences. Going with a larger enterprise level solution is good too – but keep in mind the increased costs and growth considerations.

One of WordPress’s great strengths is its vaste Plugin Library. If you think of something you want your website to do (now or into the future) – chances are that someone out there has developed a plugin for it. It’s amazing what is out there – and at accessible price points and easy to install also.

There is only one catch when using WordPress! You must backup the site regularly and you absolutely must keep your CORE and PLUGINS up-to-date!

Doing this will eliminate 99% of issues with WordPress and you can enjoy using one of the most powerful CMSs available today.

Which brings us to the main poinf of this post: Today WordPress released a new version, WordPress 3.9.

Spinifex Valley recommends that all WordPress users upgrade as soon as they can. Contact us if you need a hand.